Ophrys fuciflora (F. W. Schmidt) Moench subsp. biancae Tod. Faurholdt & H. A. Pedersen comb. nov.

in: Ber. Arbeitskrs. Heim. Orchid. 22 (2): 7.

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Basionym: Arachnites biancae Tod., Orchid. Sicul.: 83. 1842.
Ophrys discors Bianca, Nov. Pl. Sp. Hyblam: 8. 1842, nom. illeg.;
Ophrys biancae (Tod.) Macch., Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. 13: 315. 1881;
Ophrys holoserica (Burm. f.) Greuter subsp. biancae (Tod.) N. Faurholdt & H. A. Pedersen, Orchidee (Hamburg) 53: 345. 2002.

Note: Baumann & Künkele (1986) considered Arachnites biancae Tod. an illegitimate name and claimed that the name Ophrys discors was validly published by Gussone in 1845. However, this interpretation seems incorrect (Wirth & Blatt 1988).